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Our team takes extra time to educate you on the connection between oral health and overall wellbeing during your biyearly wellness checks and cleanings. These cleanings not only leave your teeth fresh and shiny but also give us the opportunity to catch any conditions or problems early. Our goal is to help you catch issues when treatment can be the most conservative.  Although regular brushing and flossing are equally essential,  there are hard to reach areas that only a professional cleaning can get to. Some of the many services we offer in preventative treatment include: 

  • Bi-yearly Wellness Checks  
  • Oral cancer screenings 
  • Hygiene Maintenance 
  • Protective Sealants for children  
  • Deep Cleanings: Occasionally the build-up of plaque and tartar can lead to your gums becoming irritated or infected which are the earliest signs of gum disease. If left untreated, this can not only lead to symptoms such as pain, bleeding/swollen gums, and bone shrinkage but in can actually spread other areas of the body.  We can help prevent this from becoming a serious issue through deep dental cleanings.  
  • Night Guards
  • Digital X-rays

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